Elliott Editorial Online


                     Security and Confidentiality


We know that the documents you send us may contain privileged business data, intellectual property, or personal information. Therefore, we take every step to ensure the security of your files and the confidentiality of your information—both online and offline. You can be assured that from the moment you send us your work, only we at Elliott Editorial Online will see your documents.




We take very seriously the confidentiality of our clients’ materials. Our Terms and Conditions include this confidentiality clause:


Elliott Editorial Online agrees not to disclose to any third party, other than its own employees, the content of confidential or proprietary material submitted and identified by the client. Employees will agree not to disclose these materials.


Furthermore, only our managing staff has access to your individual and company information. As soon as we are able to accept credit cards as payment for our services, your credit card number will be kept in a secure database, along with privileged individual and company data. We do not provide or sell contact lists.