Elliott Editorial Online


                                  Terms and Conditions


Invoiced Accounts: For invoiced accounts, the client agrees to pay Elliott Editorial Online within (1) 30 days of the date of the invoice when billed job by job, (2) 15 days of the date of invoice when billed monthly, or (3) another pay period set by Elliott Editorial Online.


Representations and Warranties: Elliott Editorial Online will not be liable for any cost or damage resulting from the services it offers.


Services and Rates: Descriptions of services and current rates are posted on the Services and Rates page. Rates may change without notice.


Confidentiality: Elliott Editorial Online agrees not to disclose to any third party, other than its own employees, the content of confidential or proprietary material submitted and identified by the client. Employees will agree not to disclose these materials.


Acceptance of Terms: When the client completes and returns the Letter of Agreement, he or she agrees to these terms and conditions.