Elliott Editorial Online


Working with Us


Getting started with Elliott Editorial Online is as easy as phoning us, faxing us, or sending us an e-mail message. You will be guided through starting an account and then through working on your projects.




The Managing Editor



The Managing Editor, Lee Titus Elliott, will be your sole contact at Elliott Editorial Online. He will work with you to understand your needs, supervise personnel assigned to your project, and return to you the completed work, along with any notes and instructions.


You will send your work directly to Lee Elliott, usually by e-mail: leetituselliott@gmail.com or managingeditor@elliotteditorial.com.


If you request, he will provide an estimate for your job. Then he will assign the job and make sure that it is done well and on time. In addition, he will keep you informed onthe documentís progress through phone calls, live chat sessions, fax, or e-mailóor a combination of these.

File Transfers



We transfer most work by e-mail. Very large files or multiple files may require another means of electronic transfer, such as FTP.


Some work, such as proofs of laid-out pages, comes to us by fax. We also receive work in hard copy by U. S. mail, UPS, and FedEx.





We can start work on most projects within half a day. We may need more time, however, to start large projects, such as books or manuals. You will be notified of the approximate number of hours we need to complete your project.