Elliott Editorial Online




We take a copyedited document and look it over one final time, checking for any remaining errors or inconsistencies. Proofreading is best done after the document is laid out—either by us or by a compositor of your choice. If you choose your own compositor, we work with copy sent to us by fax or by e-mail in PDF format. (The PDF copy can also be mailed to us through the Postal Service.)


In proofreading your document, we mark discrepancies in the text, and, when appropriate, we check for problems in page makeup, layout, color separation, or type.


Proofreading may include one or more of the following:


*      Checking proof against typesetting specifications

*      Querying or correcting errors or inconsistencies that may have escaped an editor or a writer

*      Reading for typographical errors or for sense without reading against copy

*      Verifying links in online publications



Estimated Pace: 5–10 ms pgs/hr

Range of Fees: $25–$35/hr